Jesus B. Najera


Born in Mexico, raised in South Florida & perpetually living online. This is my personal website. As you can likely tell by the navigation above, it contains my active work, my written content & a vault of failed (aka sunset-ed projects). Per the landing page, I'm currently limiting my email-free articles to those published in the last ~12 months. While my social medias are useful for discoverability, I don't believe that they're a long-term solution to building an effective creator community. This is where this site comes in.

My most recent work will always be email-free. However, as opposed to starting a Patreon or the like, I'm self-hosting a Set Community. I *might* evantually make this a micro-subscription ($1.5/Mo etc.), but for now, simply dropping your email gets you the following:

- Access To All Of My Written Work (102 essays)
- A 10% Discount On Any Service I Actively Own (~$200 value)
- Monthly Maker Virtual Meet & Greet (Sunday Brunch Zoom)

Below is a quick FAQ to further explain the logic behind my decisions here. Feel free to reach & contact me in any of the options above if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to say Hi!

Why This Over Social Medias?

Because I'm a big proponent of a more distributed internet & miss the early days of coming across fascinating content. These days the internet feels like it's distilled to a total of fifteen - twenty websites. Additionally, they [platforms] directly control the relationship between a creator & their audience. Evantually I'd like to transfer & maintain all activity here. I understand the downsides of curtailing discoverability but alas believe the evantual upsides will out-weight them.

Why Email-Wall Content?

Because there are variable costs to self-hosting. And because I'd like to create a sustainable revenue stream from my content creation. Though I hope it's clear that there many more benefits to subscribing than simply unlocking all my essays (if you ever need one & don't want to pay just reach out).

What Are You Doing With My Data?

Absolutely nothing. In fact, I promise to rarely email you & absolutely never pass your email on to anyone else. I appreciate your attention.

The Set Community
All my essays, behind-the-scenes business insights, discounts & the occasional group-video session.